Coenties Slip

NYC 1958 - 1964.

In 1960 Rosenquist learned from Ellsworth Kelly that Agnes Martin's loft at 3-5 Coenties Slip was available, which he subsequently rented in the fall. Facing the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge, Coenties Slip had been part of Manhattan's early harbor. In the late 1950s and early 1960s artists were attracted to the buildings at the slip. In addition to Kelly, Robert Indiana and Jack Youngerman also had studios there, and Rosenquist shared his space for several months with Chuck Hinman. It was in this supportive environment that Rosenquist began his first works that incorporated commercial painting techniques and fragmented advertising imagery. Among these paintings were Zone (1960-61), I Love You with My Ford (1961), and Pushbutton (1961). A number of dealers and collectors visited Rosenquist's Coenties Slip studio including Allan Stone, Ileana Sonnabend, Leo Castelli, Richard Bellamy, Robert Scull, Richard Brown Baker, and Burton and Emily Tremaine.

Nomad. 1963.

President Elect. 1960-61/1964.

Tube. 1961.

Zone. 1960-61.

Morning Sun. 1963.

4-1949 Guys. 1962.

Marilyn Monroe I. 1962.








Rosenquist re: shift in work circa 1960: (10)

"I thought, how can I do a new kind of picture? I thought, if I can take a fragment of something realistic, and put the fragment in space at a certain size, I could make a painting where people would recognize something at a certain rate of speed. The largest fragment would be the closest, and the hardest to recognize. Therefore, I could make a mysterious painting."