James Rosenquist: A Retrospective

Rosenquist's paintings directly allude to the cultural and political tenor of the times in which they were created. From his renowned Pop canvases to his billboard-sized works and continuing with his recent use of abstract painting techniques, James Rosenquist: A Retrospective presents the artist's enduring interest in and mastery of texture, color, line, and shape that continues to dazzle audiences and influence younger generations of artists. (26)

Above the Square. 1963.

Air Hammer. 1962.

Animal Screams. 1986.

Astor Victoria. 1959.

Be Beautiful. 1964.

The Bird of Paradise Approaches the Hot Water Planet. 1989.

Bottomless House. 1976.

Brighter than the Sun. 1961.

Cage. 1964.

Car Touch. 1966.

Celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by Eleanor Roosevelt. 1998.

Circles of Confusion. 1965.

Conveyor Belt. 1964.

Dishes. 1964.

Dog Descending a Staircase. 1979.

Early Catapult. 1994.

Eau de Robot. 1984.

Fahrenheit 1982°. 1982.

The Flame Dances to the Mirror wWhile the Charcoal Draws. 1993.

Flamingo Capsule. 1970.

Flowers, Fish and Females for the Four Seasons. 1984.

F-111. 1964-65.

Four New Clear Women. 1982.

4-1949 Guys. 1962.

Hey! Let's Go for a Ride. 1961.

Highway Trust. 1977.

The Holy Roman Empire Through Checkpoint Charlie. 1994.

Horizon Home Sweet Home. 1970.

Horse Blinders. 1968-69.

I Love You with My Ford. 1961.

In the Red. 1962.

Industrial Cottage. 1977.

The Kabuki Blushes. 1986.

Lanai. 1964.

Leaky Ride for Dr. Leakey. 1983.

The Light That Won't Fail. 1961.

Marilyn Monroe I. 1962.

Masquerade of the Military Industrial Complex Looking Down on the Inset World. 1992.

The Meteor Hits Brancusi's Pillow. 1997-99.

The Meteor Hits Picasso's Bed. 1996-99.

The Meteor Hits the Swimmer's Pillow. 1997.

Military Intelligence. 1994.

Morning Sun. 1963.

Nomad. 1963.

A Pale Angel's Halo. 1973.

Paper Clip. 1973

Pink Condition. 1996.

President Elect. 1960-1/1964.

Pushbutton. 1961.

Reification. 1961.

Samba School. 1986.

Silver Skies. 1962.

Sliced Bologna. 1968.

Slipping Off the Continental Divide. 1973.

Snow Fence I. 1973.

The Specific Target. 1996.

Star Thief. 1980.

The Stowaway Peers Out at the Speed of Light. 2000.

Sunshot. 1985.

The Swimmer in the Econo-mist. 1997-98.

Tallahassee Murals. 1976-78.

Terrarium. 1977.

Through the Eye of the Needle to the Anvil. 1988.

Tied to the Horizon. 1975.

Time Door Time D'or. 1989.

Time Dust- Black Hole. 1992.

Toaster. 1963.

Tube. 1961.

Tumbleweed. 1964.

Ultra Tech. 1981.

Volunteer. 1964.

Welcome to the Water Planet. 1987.

Welcome to the Water Planet IV (Close Lightning). 1988.

While the Earth Revolves at Night. 1982.

Win a New House This Christmas. 1964.

Zone. 1960-61.