Ongoing Works: Speed of Light Series

"I began to think about the idea of viewing an artwork, where the old saying, "What you see is what you get," "less is more," is now with my paintings... abstract painting. Instead of "what you see is what you get," "what you see is what you don't get!" What you are "getting" is the artist's experience layered upon layer with the last brushstroke of this painting. So you are actually getting more, but you don't see it. What you are seeing is the residue of all the artist's experience from the person's whole life, and that is something you don't know about. You don't understand the knowledge of the artist, you only see what's on the surface." - James Rosenquist (2001)


Fix - Speed of Light. 2000.

Glare - Speed of Light. 2001.

Mariner - Speed of Light. 1999.


Full House - Speed of Light. 2001.


The Stowaway Peers Out at the Speed of Light. 2001.


Glimpse - Speed of Light. 2001.


Untitled #3
Untitled #3. 2006.

Sun Li
Sun Li. 2005.

UntitledUntitled. 2006.

"What you see is what you don't get."

-Rosenquist (5)


"In Einstein's study of the speed of light, apparently the speeding person looks out the windo, and the view is altered because of the tremendous speed. And then the spectator, watching the speeding person - the look of that is also altered. Things are crammed together, and they're foreshortened. It's a pun, really. Like the difference between the artist and the critic, how different people see different things."
- Rosenquist (15)